Multi-Passionate Mastery

Introducing the Multi-Passionate Mastery Club! 🎉 (My new membership community)

October 12, 2023 D'Ana Joi Season 4 Episode 45
Multi-Passionate Mastery
Introducing the Multi-Passionate Mastery Club! 🎉 (My new membership community)
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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 🎉 I'm launching a monthly membership community for multi-passionates! Tune into this episode to get ALL the details and click HERE to join.

Inspired by the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast and its community of listeners, this Club is a space to celebrate ALL of who you are while helping to improve your focus, build your confidence, and grow your network.

Tune into this episode to learn my inspiration behind starting this community, why I keep saying it's "the best place on the internet to be a multi-passionate, how it differs from my other offers, and why it could be the perfect next step for you!


  • Dive deeper into topics explored on the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast → 💬 These conversations aren't happening anywhere else!

  • Make meaningful connections with fellow multi-passionates → ✌️ Say goodbye to feeling isolated because nobody understands what it's like to want to do all the things!

  • Access a growing resource library dedicated to helping you thrive → 💻 Every resource provided is created FOR multi-passionates BY a multi-passionate who understands the unique problems you face.

  • Network and Connect → 🥂 Looking for cool people to collaborate with? Done.

  • Unlock premium content → 🏆 Be rewarded for being yourself and engaging inside of the community.

  • All for $ 19 USD/month and you can cancel anytime. 


Welcome to the multi-passionate mastery podcast. If this is your first episode, so excited that you're here. If you are a longtime listener, welcome back to the show. I'm going to dive straight in because I have a huge announcement for you today. I'm launching a brand new offer and it is. Could I get a drum roll, please? A monthly membership community called the multi-passionate mastery club. Inspired by the multi-passionate mastery podcast and its community of listeners. And my private coaching clients. This club is a space to celebrate all of who you are while helping to improve your focus, build your competence and grow your network. The multi-passionate mastery club is my way of creating community and taking the discussions that we're having here on the podcast from being a one-way conversation where I'm talking to you, you listening by yourself, you're thinking about things. And you're ruminating on them on your own and making it more of a communal two way. Community space. So this is something that I'm really excited about because some of you even reply to my emails or you send me voice notes telling me that these podcast episodes are inspiring you and giving you things to think about. So now you're going to have a community and a space where we can talk about all the things and dive deeper into these topics. Plus. You are going to be able to mix and mingle with fellow multi-passionate. I have a vision of the multi-passionate mastery club being the best place on the internet to be multi-passionate. And that's because of you. That's because when you join and you begin to contribute and you begin to share and post in the group and get to know other people. I can already feel energetically what beautiful collaborations are going to come out of that space. There are more multi-passionate people. Then you realize, but it can feel really, really lonely when you are thinking about these concepts that we talk about on the podcast by yourself. It can feel like there's no one else out there, right? Maybe that's why you listen to the show because you're thinking finally, someone's talking directly to me. About the things that I need support with. So what would it feel like to be in a community where we're having these conversations on a larger scale? That's what the multi-passionate mastery club is going to provide that community, that sense of belonging. And that's something that I cannot give you through, you know, purchasing a digital product or through. Just releasing a podcast episode, or even sending an email. The way this came about was kind of on accident. Um, I was revamping the community space for my coaching clients. So in my high ticket coaching program, prioritize and thrive where I teach the priority mapping method that helps my clients figure out which order to do their projects in how to follow through on anything that's meaningful to them. We have had a community element to that high touch program, but the platform that we were on, it started to feel kind of sleepy. Like there wasn't a lot of engagement and I was like, you know what? I think it's time to switch it up. But as I was doing that, as I started to build out this new community, I was envisioning the space being full of energy connection and collaboration. And that's when I knew that I needed to invite more of you to join us inside. So if you've been listening to episodes on the podcast and thinking, damn, I wish I had more people to talk about this with, you're going to love the podcast team times that will be happening inside of the club where every episode moving forward will go from a one-way conversation to a community discussion. If you've been wanting access to resources that are specifically designed for you as a multi-passionate, that will help to improve your focus and boost your confidence. And you're going to love the curated resource library that I am building for you in there. And if you've purchased a product from me in the past, like my ebook or my masterclass bundle, and you want more where that came from, but you aren't quite sure of my coaching program is right for you. The multi-passionate mastery club is a soft place to land while you figure that out. And you'll get to meet other multi-passionate it's the best, most exciting thing about this is that I'm giving you all the gift of one another. That I cannot stress enough. It's been so powerful creating this podcast. It's been so powerful putting these discussions out into the world, but it's time for us to come together and to build community around. What's been happening here. I do want to say that if you're not looking to join a membership that has a full event calendar, that's going to leave you stressing out about scheduling. Or feeling guilty that you can't show up. Then you're also going to love the multi-passionate mastery club, because this is not a membership where I'm forcing myself to be. A content machine and it's all about output. There are not weekly calls or even monthly calls for this group. There may be some live events in the future that happened once in a blue moon. And you'll have plenty of heads up when they do, but this is not the kind of membership where you join and you're overwhelmed by the amount of content you're overwhelmed by the event. Schedule. The most important thing. I'm going to say this again is you. You are what will make the multi-passionate mastery club. The best place on the internet to be a multi-passionate. Doors to the multi-passionate mastery club are open right now. You can join at our founding member price of$19 a month, and you can cancel any time and come back anytime. So if you've heard enough, if you're like, this is exactly what I've been looking for. I can't wait to meet more people who are listening to this podcast to have more discussions. About the conversations that are having here. To improve my focus to build my confidence and to nurture my network. All by being in this community. If you've heard enough, then click into the show notes and you can join us there or go to multi-passionate And that will take you to a link where you can join this membership community. If you want to hear a little bit more about what's included in some, FAQ's keep listening. The multi-passionate mastery club is a membership community. Designed to celebrate all of who you are while helping to improve your focus, build your confidence and grow your network. How much does it cost? So our founding member price is$19 a month. Can you cancel any time? ESU can and you can come back any time. Doors are officially open right now. So if your question is, well, when do the doors open? They're open right now. Does this offer include access to any of my courses or anything that you may have heard me talk about when it comes to prioritize and thrive? So the multi-passionate mastery club is a monthly membership and it does not include access to any of my signature courses. All of my signature courses live inside of my group coaching program. And then I have the multi-passionate mastery bundle and I've been really aware of not creating overlap between what's inside of that bundle and the resources that you'll find inside of the multi-passionate mastery club, because I personally don't like it when I pay for something and then I'm able to access it later. I like a way lower price that does not feel good for me. So I didn't want you to have that experience. So. Prioritize and thrive is a separate program. The multi-passionate mastery bundle and the content that's inside. For the most part only lives inside of that bundle. However, I have a set aside some premium standalone content that is not available elsewhere. That lives inside of the multi-passionate mastery club. And what's really cool about the platform that I'm hosting this community on is that as you show up in the community, as you engage, as you post, as you comment, as you get to know people. You'll get likes, right? And then you get points and you work your way up a leaderboard. And then from there you unlock premium stand alone content. If you want to know exactly what's included, then click through to the checkout page and you can watch a video walk through that. I posted there that gives you a little sneak peek of what's inside. So maybe you're thinking. I've already purchased one of your digital products. Should I join this membership? Like what's the difference? To that I say big. Yes. I love that you've purchased a product of mine. I love that you're listening to the podcast, right? That's an investment of your time. So I appreciate that too. But your next step is to come and join the club so that you can be in community with me and fellow multi-passionate being in community with fellow multi-passionate. People who get you is deeply healing. And that isn't something that purchasing. One of my products can offer you or listening to this podcast by yourself can offer you. And that's one of my main reasons for creating this club. Also, if you have any questions about a product that you purchased, maybe you've read my ebook and you want to ask a question about it. Or you've watched one of the masterclasses and you want to ask a question about it now, instead of posting inside of the, you know, the product itself, you can post in the community and it can become more of a group discussion and you're going to get so much more value because it's more than just me. Right? I am not the end. All be all. On having a multi-passionate and lifestyle. There are things that I figured out that I'm so excited that I get to share and teach to my clients, to my community, but there are other people who have a lot to offer and this membership will give you access to those people. What's the difference between the multi-passionate mastery club and prioritizing thrive. Oh, now that is a great question. The main difference is that prioritize and thrive contains my priority mapping method. That is my signature proven method that helps multi-passionate to bring their big ideas to life for that overthinking overworking or having a constant cycle of second guessing and not knowing which project to start with first. They also learn how to follow through on anything that's meaningful to them. And they have my bill time support while they do that. So there are live group coaching calls and they work directly with me in that capacity. The multi-passionate mastery club does not contain. Any of the priority mapping method. So you're not going to get any of that content. There's also no live support inside of the multi-passionate mastery club. So we'll be in community together. I'll be able to chat with you. Um, you know, there's comments, there's DMS and stuff like that. But. There is not live. There are no live coaching calls. So there is not that level of support. And for some of you, that might be a great thing. Maybe you're like, I would love to work more closely with joy, or I really like what you're doing over here, joy, but I don't want to be in a coaching program. That's just not the commitment level that I'm looking for. So the multi-passionate mastery club. Is a nice middle ground, right? It's a place where you can come and be in community and just, you know, see what it's like to be in closer proximity. Um, and that's great. If you are thinking that prioritize and drive is a program that, you know, you want to eventually join when doors reopen and maybe you're saving up for that, or you've just been. Looking at that. And you've been thinking about it a lot. Then you can still join the multi-passionate mastery club until doors open, or until you decide to join, prioritize, and thrive. It's also a great stepping stone. I'm also expecting some of my alumni who have graduated from prioritize and thrive to join this club because they get to be back in community with some of the people that they knew in the program and continue building their network. So. Um, it's not the same as my group coaching program. It's not high level support, but it is something that I know is still going to be beneficial for so many of you. So here's everything that's included that you can expect when you join. You'll be able to dive deeper into topics explored in the multi-passionate mastery podcast. These conversations just are not happening anywhere else. I'm not even on social media. Right? So you can't even like comment on an Instagram post. I don't have that available to you. So instead we're going to do it even more intentionally. When you join, look on the main feed and you'll see podcasts, deep dives. We also have a whole deep dive archive so that if you're listening to this at a later date, you can still join and contribute to those conversations and see what we're talking about when you check out the archive. So it's taking the topics that we talk about here on the podcast, taking them from me, talking to you. You're listening while you're cooking. Looking while you're exercising while you're on a walk while you're tidying up. You listening alone. Right. Then you're thinking about it alone. We're going to take that and you're going to be able to listen to the podcast. Think about it and then pop into the group and join the discussion. Um, this is I'm so excited about this. You also be able to make meaningful connections with fellow multi-passionate. So there's even a network and connect. Uh, category where if you're looking for a collaborator. You can post an ask and you're going to find so many people, not just to collaborate with. But to be inspired by this is something that happens inside of my group program. It's one of my favorite reasons about having a group program versus one-to-one is that I give you the gift of each other. And so that is something that's going to be happening in the club. And if you know me, you know, that I love creating high quality content that is specifically to help you thrive as a multi-passionate. So every resource that is provided in our growing resource library will be specific to you because I understand the problems that you face as a multi-passionate I've been there and my clients have been there. And so you're going to find a lot of great entry level content that will support you with improving your focus. And it will help you figure out if maybe joining prioritize and thrive is the right next step for you. If you get a lot from the content and the club that might be the next step, or you might feel like that content is good and you want to just hang out in the membership. Both are great. And then as I mentioned, While there is not access to my signature courses inside of the club. Or the stuff that you're finding in the multi-passionate mastery bundle, all that content. That's still separate, but I have a few standalone videos and trainings that I've been holding close to the chest. That I put inside of the multi-passionate mastery club, which you can unlock just by being yourself and engaging in the community. This makes it fun. It makes it like a game and it makes it different from other memberships where you just go do all the content. And you're like, okay, well, I went through the content, I read all the posts. There's nothing left to do. Here you get to work your way up the leaderboard and unlock things. It's just really fun. It's a fun feature. Okay, I'm going to stop there because I think I've said enough. If this sounds like something that would be beneficial for you. If you want to be in community with fellow multi-passionate, if you want to come hang out with me. And be in closer proximity and make this less of a me talking at you thing and more of us being in community together. You want to build your network of amazing multi-passionate it's to collaborate with and be inspired by come and join again. Our founding member pricing is$19 a month. Less than ordering takeout from your favorite ramen spot, you can cancel any time and come back anytime. So it's kind of a no brainer. Click the link in our show notes to join or visit multi-passionate And there will be a pink button to go click that will take you to where you can join us. Once you get inside, you're going to get a DM from me and we're going to start connecting right away. I can't wait to see you in there.