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[BONUS] Eliminating Decision Fatigue: Prioritize Your Needs with this Simple Question

July 25, 2023 D'Ana Joi Season 3
Multi-Passionate Mastery
[BONUS] Eliminating Decision Fatigue: Prioritize Your Needs with this Simple Question
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions you have to make in a day?

In today's bonus episode, I'm sharing a simple question that will help you cut through the clutter and make it easier to move through your day without feeling weighed down with decision fatigue.
Listen in to learn how this question can be applied to various situations, and how it played a role in recording this episode.


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We are currently between seasons here at Multi Passionate Mastery and as we await season 4, I promised you that I would have a few bonus episodes for you. Before we get into today's bonus episode, i want to remind you to take a second and subscribe to the Multi Passionate Mastery podcast wherever you're listening to this. So if you're listening on Apple I think it's like a plus sign or you can follow on Spotify or any of the other apps that you have, make sure that you add us to your queue so that when a bonus episode drops, you don't miss it. You can also sign up to get email reminders by clicking the link in our show notes and joining my email list. I will email you anytime a new episode drops, including any bonus content, so that's a great way to stay in touch and to know when season 4 is back on the air. Also, if you are a Multi Passionate who's passionate about travel, stick around until the very end, because you're going to hear about a podcast that I think you might really enjoy, so hang out at the end for that. Alright, here's today's bonus episode. We all make a ton of decisions all day long, and making so many decisions every day can definitely be tiring. On a biological level there's a lot of neuroscience backing this up but even just on an emotional level, we want to have energy to put toward making those big life decisions. But when we're bogged down with these day to day decisions, it can start to cloud things. And my personal experience adds to this being a new mom barely getting any sleep and all the decisions that I've had to make recently about how I'm going to navigate working from home while taking care of my son. It's been a lot. But I've discovered one simple question that has eliminated my decision fatigue and is helping me make very swift decisions in the moment for those day to day items, so that I have more brain power when it's time to make those bigger decisions in my life. And that is what we're going to talk about in today's episode. The question that you can ask that will help you make quicker decisions and eliminate some of that decision fatigue that you may be having on a day to day level is what do I value in this moment? So take, for example, my current circumstance It's raining outside, my son is in, his son is napping in our room where he sleeps, and so I'm not able to record this podcast episode in the most optimal space for clear sound. Hopefully it will still sound good with a little bit of post editing, but usually I would want to be in a little corner in my room near the curtain, where the sound is muffled. Instead I'm sitting in my wide open living room with rain in the background And the baby monitor is on, so if he happens to make some noise, you're all going to hear that. But when I thought about whether or not right now was a good time to record this podcast episode, i asked myself the question what do I value in this moment? Do I value having absolutely perfect audio Or do I value getting this thing recorded so that I can stay on schedule? Then the decision was easy I value getting it recorded, regardless of the sound quality. Another example that I'll give you from this new mom life that I'm immersed in is when my son takes a nap and he's resting. That's my opportunity to really check in about what my current value is. Do I value having a full belly? Do I value having a tidier space? Do I value getting a little bit of sleep? Do I want to call a friend and just have an adult conversation? I have to ask myself those questions, because he might nap for 30 minutes, he might nap for an hour, he might nap for 15 minutes and then wake up and want to eat or hang out. And so I have to know what I value in order to prioritize in the moment. And knowing what I value eliminates that decision fatigue. I almost always value being fed and hydrated because, especially when I'm running on such little sleep, at least having some food in my belly and being hydrated is giving me that fuel that I need to take care of my son and to just enjoy my day. If that need has already been met, what is my next value? Well, that's where I get to play a little bit. Sometimes it's I value spending a little bit of time working on my business and I'll pop up on my computer and just complete one small task. Sometimes I truly do value a clean kitchen. Like I'm tired of walking past the kitchen and looking at these damn dishes. Let me just take 10 minutes and clear the kitchen. Sometimes I value just sitting and staring out of the window. Of course, you can also check in with. What do I need right? What are my needs in this moment? But you might have a lot of different things that you need And then you need to decide between those and prioritize. We all know I'm obsessed with priorities. Go back and listen to episode 33 to hear why priorities are your superpower as a multi-passionate person. So that's the question that you can ask What do I value in this moment? And when you ask that question, please be honest with yourself. I was decluttering the other day and I had all this stuff all over my dresser And I thought to myself okay, what do I value right now? Do I value sorting through all of this and figuring out what I want to keep and what I don't want to keep, or do I value just having a clear, clean dresser And I just decided that everything I didn't know where to put I was just going to throw away. I valued having a clean and tidy space more than I valued figuring out what to do with all those items, and in that moment it was really easy for me to just make the decision I'm just going to toss all this stuff instead of going through it. I don't need it that badly if it's just been sitting here, right. So play with this question What do I value in the moment? And then be honest with yourself about the answer, and that will help eliminate decision fatigue when you're making these day to day decisions, so that you have more energy for the bigger life stuff that comes up. Okay, i hope this was helpful. Short and sweet, because I'm looking at the monitor and my son is about to wake up, so I'm going to go. I value being present for him when he wakes up, so it's an easy decision to cut this short. I'll see you next time.

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