Multi-Passionate Mastery

Ep 42: [Season 3 Finale] How to Actually Enjoy Being Multi-Passionate + EXCLUSIVE pricing on the Multi-Passionate Mastery Bundle!

June 21, 2023 D'Ana Joi Season 3 Episode 42
Multi-Passionate Mastery
Ep 42: [Season 3 Finale] How to Actually Enjoy Being Multi-Passionate + EXCLUSIVE pricing on the Multi-Passionate Mastery Bundle!
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It's the season 3 finale episode of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast! 🎬

First, some gratitude:


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As we're closing this season, I thought it would be interesting to do an episode about how to actually enjoy being multi-passionate.

Maybe you're not too sure about this whole "multi-passionate" thing. I mean, you WANT to believe that it's a good thing, right? But let's be real, there are so many challenges and complexities that come with having multiple passions. How do you navigate it all and figure out if it's worth it?!

Today I'm going to give you a goodie bag of different skill sets, ideas, and mindsets that will help you to reach the place where you feel confident as a multi-passionate person.

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s finale episode!


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well, here we are. We have arrived at the season three finale episode. Whenever I arrive at the finale of the season. It always causes me to reflect a little bit about what this podcast has meant to my personal process as a multi-passionate person. To hold space for this ongoing project, to become more and more dedicated as time goes on, versus becoming disinterested, which is something that I used to do quite often and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but this project, has endured. And as always with these season finale episodes, I'm also sitting in a space of deep gratitude. I want to thank you so much for listening. I want to thank you for being here. I want to thank everyone who left a review, which I'll be reminding you to do again at the end of the episode, but thank you for taking the time to leave us five stars on Spotify for leaving written reviews on apple podcast. I've read every single one and it means so much to know how this is landing for you. Thank you for those of you who have used SpeakPipe and sent me voice notes or responded to my email after joining my email list. And for those of you who I've never heard from, but you have copied the link to this podcast and texted it to a friend. Thank you so much. That means the world. As we're closing this season, I thought it would be interesting to do an episode about how to actually enjoy being multi-passionate. Because so many people come into my world, not being sure if being multi-passionate is a good thing. Wanting to feel that it is, but not being sure how to get there because there are so many challenges and nuances to the multi-passionate experience. Here on the podcast, I've given you a lot of tips. A lot of tools, a lot of mindset shifts that you can apply. So hopefully If you've been listening since season one, you're already convinced that being multi-passionate is something that can be very enjoyable. But if not today, I'm going to give you a goodie bag of sorts of different skillsets, different ideas, different mindsets that will help you to reach the place where you do feel that being multi-passionate is so fun. So enjoyable. And as I'm going through these steps, you're going to hear me reference. The multi-passionate mastery bundle. The multi-passionate mastery bundle is a beautiful digital product that I created for anyone who wants to feel this way, who wants to enjoy being multi-passionate and wants to have a more tangible grab bag, more tangible goodie bag, masterclasses, and workshops to attend any time you want that refresher because you get lifetime access so you can just grab and go watch a masterclass and refresh that perspective for yourself. Or, you know, you can. Download, maybe the principle affirmation bundle or the 30 ways to celebrate yourself guide or the brain dump and prioritize worksheet. So there's all these resources that are right there waiting for you inside of this bundle. So as I'm talking today about how to enjoy being multi-passionate, I'll be referencing this bundle. And because I value you so much as a listener to this podcast. I am also offering you exclusive pricing for the bundle. I usually charge$297 for this bundle. But for you, dear listener, I am charging$97. So I'm knocking.$200 off of the original price. For you because I appreciate you. And the only way that you can unlock that pricing, if this becomes something that you're interested in by the end of the episode, is using the code M P M podcast at checkout or click the link in the show notes and it will automatically apply that discount for you. That's my very long introduction. Let's get into the heart of the episode and talk about how to enjoy being multi-passionate. The first step and actually enjoying being multi-passionate is understanding why multi-passionate mastery. It's something to strive for over and above trying to fit into a box as a specialist. When you say to yourself, you know, I'm not here to just choose one thing. That's never going to be my vibe. I am multi-passionate. I would rather explore how to be that, how to be my most multi-passionate self. When that's the energy that you're bringing to the table, then you are moving in the direction of multi-passionate mastery. Of course, that is the premise of this podcast and the title of this podcast. Also before this podcast is in existence, it was the name of one of my masterclasses called multi-passionate mastery. 1 0 1. Where we cover cultivating creative confidence, making friends with focus and celebrating your creativity. This is a great masterclass and the best part is that there's an episode of season one where I give you a sneak peek of the masterclass. I'll link to that in the show notes, but that is the first step. Is accepting that multi-passionate mastery is something to strive for over and above the desire to blend in, fit in and try to. Make yourself a specialist in one particular area. So if you want a sneak peek of that masterclass, I'll link to that in the show notes. And of course the full thing is available inside of the multi-passionate mastery bundle. The next tip for actually enjoying being multi-passionate is to overcome idea fatigue. When you feel like your ideas are just there to distract you, or you're never able to focus because you just have a constant influx of ideas and you are faced with that idea fatigue on a day-to-day basis it can be so exhausting. And it definitely does not feel enjoyable. So you want to move through that. You want to find a way to overcome idea fatigue, to break free from feeling overwhelmed by your ideas and inside of the multi-passionate mastery bundle. There is a workshop on overcoming idea fatigue. So, if you want to go deeper into how to do that, Then definitely grab the bundle. Don't forget to use code MPM podcast to unlock your exclusive pricing. Now, once you overcome that idea, fatigue, you also have embraced that multi-passionate mastery is what you want to strive for over and above becoming a specialist. It's important that you learn a bit about focusing, right? Now a caveat here is that. At the time when I created the multi-passionate mastery bundle, I had not yet launched my coaching program, prioritize and thrive. Prioritize and thrive was born out of surveying tons of multi-passionate talking to them and finding out what they were struggling with. And what I realized pretty quickly was while a lot of multi-passionate think focus is the issue. Prioritization is really at the heart of it. So although I'm going to talk about focus, I also want to preface this by saying priorities do come before focus. Like you want to know what you're prioritizing so that you know what to focus on. If you are just like, I need to get focused. I need to get focused and you just pick something and focus on it without having a very clear priority set, you might end up second guessing yourself and that's really hard and challenging and can make you feel insecure as a multi-passionate person. So what I went ahead and did, knowing that prioritization does come before a focus, is I added my free training to the bundle all about the priority mapping method. And I also added a priority mapping method playlist, where you can hear all my podcast episodes that share about that. So that's conveniently added to the bundle for you because prioritization is very important. And after you get a hold of that. Then we want to move into focus because when you can prioritize and you can focus as a multi-passionate, I'm telling you, it unlocks an entire world for you as this creative person who doesn't have to constantly problem solve and can actually create. I have a client named Allie and she left a comment recently. And our private client community. Where she said, I spend more time creating than I do ruminating, and I'm not constantly trying to figure out where to start. And she said, this stuff is magic. And by this stuff, she meant the priority mapping method and everything I teach in my program. So, you know, she said it better than I could. It really is magic. It's magic for the multi passionate spirit to break free from the constant pressure of wanting to do all the things at once. And instead having a simple repeatable process for knowing how to prioritize. So anyway, that's added to the bundle for you. And in addition to priortization, of course focus comes hand in hand. Specifically creating a season of focus is very powerful for you as a multi-passionate and here's why. The language itself, season of focus is really important because seasons change. So If you don't want to feel like you are leaving other parts of yourself on the table. If you're concerned that, you know, saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else forever and ever, and ever. Then the concept of seasons of focus is really going to help you enjoy being multi-passionate because when you create a season of focus, you're saying,"Hey, I'm going to take the next 90 days to gain some momentum in this specific area. Because I want to see it move forward. I want to grow in this area. I want my business to grow. I want to grow personally, whatever it may be. And you're going to know that at the end of that season of focus, the end of that 90 days, you get some energy back. Because while a lot of things are hard in the beginning, usually by the time you get to that 90 day period, you have new skills and new understanding and it gets a lot easier. So for example, my current season of focus that I'm in right now is podcasting. Getting this season, prerecorded, this will come out two months after I'm recording this. And I'm finishing up all the recordings for season three, and then I'm moving into podcast PR. So getting this podcast into newsletters and different outlets so that more people can find us here and come join us, come join our party. Now, if I was trying to do that at the same time, as some of my other goals, like making some updates to my coaching program or writing my first book, all things that are on the docket for this year. Then I would be really overwhelmed. So instead of trying to do all those things at once, I've created seasons of focus for each of them. So inside of the multi-passionate mastery bundle, you're going to get my, how to create a season of focus masterclass. Plus the 90 day focus planner. The best thing about the 90 day focus planner, you don't have to print it out. You can use it digitally and it will really help you stay on track and it's super fun and interactive. So you can grab that inside of the multi-passionate mastery bundle. Another way to actually enjoy being multi-passionate is to become a student of yourself. Become curious about your process. One of the things that I love to tell my clients is that curiosity. Is a great replacement for frustration. So while we're on the topic of focus, let's say you had a goal for the week, or you had a specific outcome that you wanted to get to. And for whatever reason, that focus was just not there. You were really struggling to focus. You could get frustrated, you could get pissed off at yourself. You could get. Angry with yourself and say very nasty things to yourself. We've all been there. Or you can become curious and say, okay, so. I'm wondering what didn't work for me. Why wasn't I able to focus, right. That's a much more gentle approach. And so inside of the multi-passionate mastery bundle, I've also included a very quick training. I think it's like 12 minutes and it's how to do a focus audit, and it comes with some worksheets. So if you're just getting started with learning how to focus the multi-passionate way, when it comes to. You know, achieving your goals, crossing off your task, being productive, but in a very non-toxic way in a more holistic way. Then a focus audit is going to be something that you're really going to benefit from because it makes you a student of yourself. And whenever you can replace frustration with curiosity that will help you actually enjoy being multi-passionate. Another thing that will help you enjoy being multi-passionate is pivoting without apology. When it comes to being multi-passionate, it's important to know that you're going to change your mind. Right. A pivot is almost always on the horizon. Maybe you're weeks away, maybe you're months away, maybe you're years away, but a pivot is coming. There will be a point where you will outgrow where you are, or you'll just want to integrate something new into what you're doing. And that's exciting. And we want to embrace that as a multi-passionate person, because then we can enjoy being who we are. Right. So, rather than try to convince yourself that your job is to do the same thing forever and ever and ever. I would much rather see you pivoting without apology. And I have a masterclass all about that. Along with the pivot playbook. This is a really, really fun one. I almost was like, Ooh, should I teach this live? Or like, you know, take this out of the bundle and use it for something else. Cause it's so good. But I want to leave it in there because this is really important for you to be able to pivot without apology. Pivot with confidence and even have a playbook interactive worksheets to help you plan that out. Okay. We're almost through all the resources and the bundle, and this is only the masterclass portion. There's still a downloadable content volt again, this bundle can be yours for only$97. That is exclusive pricing for my amazing listeners here. You're going to use code MPM bundle at checkout or click the link in the show notes where the discount is automatically applied. So the next way to actually enjoy being multi-passionate is to get your message out there. To share your work with the world. And aside from podcasting, which maybe I'll teach about at some point, because I really do love it. But aside from podcasting, My favorite way to get my message out is email marketing. Sending emails, maybe you're already on my email list if you're listening to this. Maybe you're not, you can always sign up in the show notes if you want to join. But it is so beautiful to have this community of people to communicate with on a weekly basis to share what's on my heart to share resources, to ask questions, to start conversations and to just get my message out there. And as a multi-passionate person, nothing feels better than getting your work out there. The cool thing about email marketing is you don't have to worry too much about niching down because you can send certain emails to certain people based on their interest. So it really is one of the best ways to communicate without feeling like you have to niche down super far Or that you can only talk about one thing. You can talk about whatever you want and you can send emails to specific people, or, you know, you can just practice sending emails to the same group of people and make it an experiment of getting your message out there. So, if you want to get started with email marketing, or you want some new ideas to grow your already existing email list, and you want a fellow multi-passionate to take on what this can look like. And you want to know some of my personal tips and strategies that I use for my own email list, then you're going to want to grab the multi-passionate mastery bundle, where you can see the email marketing for creatives masterclass. Another really good one. Definitely a favorite in my community. Okay. And finally. One thing that you want to also master in order to truly enjoy being multi-passionate. Is finishing what you start. Now, this might look different based on each project. Sometimes finishing what you start will mean I'm done with this energetically. I can no longer do this. And I'm intentionally choosing to put this down. I'm pivoting without apology. Right? Sometimes that's what it will mean, but I want for you to have the skill of starting a project and knowing how to take it to the finish line. And I'm not just talking about like, oh, you know, Do time blocking and work this many hours a day until it's done. I'm talking about things like having accountability, keeping your excitement up. Throughout the project, you know, cause it's gonna weigh in, it's going to dip, it's going to ebb and flow. So we talk about like having your squad of people that you can share your work with to keep that excitement going. And we talk about getting really clear on like, why you doing what you're doing? It's a much more holistic approach. Oh, by the end of this particular masterclass in the bundle, you will be on fire. You'll be like, okay, I am ready to finish what I start the multi-passionate way. And it's very gentle and approachable. And. So, so powerful. And the best part. I have a sneak peek of this training right here on the podcast. So I'm going to link to that in the show notes as well. So if you've been listening to this episode, and you are not sure that you want to purchase the bundle. You want a little bit more of a sneak peek. I'm going to link to those two episodes. One is multi-passionate mastery 1 0 1. So I have the sneak peek of that masterclass. And the other episode is how to finish what you started as a multi-passionate I'll link to both of those in the show notes. You can check those out. Don't forget the discount code you're hearing here because it's not going to be in those episodes because those were awhile ago. Okay, so don't forget. MPM podcast for the discounts, unlock exclusive pricing and grab this entire bundle for only$97. Now, those are all the masterclasses that are in there today. I also give you access to any updates. So anything that I decide to add as a new bonus. I'll add it, and then I will send you an email saying, Hey, it's been updated, come check it out. And I'm not going to go through an in depth in detail list of everything that's in the content vault and why it's important, but I'm just going to read you what's in there. Okay. So here's what comes inside of the content. Well, in addition to those masterclasses that we just finished talking about. There's a printable affirmation bundle to boost your creativity. They're really beautiful aesthetically. So this is something you can print out and hang up and your space. If you hearing baby sounds. That's my son. I have him in his little carrier. And he's kind of waking up from his nap. You've also got the 30 ways to celebrate yourself guide. So if you always skip that step of celebrating yourself, That's going to be really supportive for you. I've also created a branding photography, quick reference guide for you based on my experience with working with a personal brand photographer for several years. Then we have the create your Workday manifesto. This is for my nine to fivers. This is for those of you who have a support job, and you want to make the most of it until you get to the place where you can start your own business. Total game-changer. We also have the brain dump and prioritize worksheets. This is so powerful for curbing overwhelm. This is going to be a great resource for you. I also have two coloring book pages for you just to keep things fun and light also coloring is a great way to relieve stress, a great way to improve your focus, a great way to relax your brain. So I have two custom coloring book pages that I designed waiting for you in there. And the finding focus workbook again, when we talk about being a student of yourself, That workbook is so helpful for doing some self evaluation, getting to know who you are and where you are when it comes to focusing. It's one of the first resources I created back when I started my blog in 2017, but it is still probably one of my favorite workbooks that I've ever designed and created. So. That is what you can expect when you grab the multi-passionate mastery bundle. Along with any updates. And I know this sounds like a one big sales pitch. I get it. And you're probably like, wow. I thought I was going to get some tips and you're just trying to sell me this bundle. But first of all, I am a business owner and it is my job to share with you the resources I've created with you, that you can purchase from me, right. It is my job to make sure that you have the opportunity to invest in yourself. If that's what you're ready to do. And it's my job to let you know what I have available for you. So no shame around that. It's no problem that this might have sounded like a big sales pitch, but. The other thing that I want to share with you is that the multi-passionate mastery bundle is really my love letter to you as a multi-passionate. It truly is. A handbag, a toolkit. Uh, way to feel supported. That goes a step beyond this podcast because you get to see my face. We'll be together in masterclasses. You can leave comments on any of the classes. And I do check them once a week. And apply. It has all those downloads. So this is just a way to take our work that we've been doing here on the podcast, a step further. And I know that so many of you are ready for that. Maybe you're not ready to sign up for my coaching program and work with me for a year as your coach. Maybe that's not the right step for you, but having access to the multi-passionate mastery bundle is a great step that you can take before that. So click the link in the show notes to have your exclusive listener discount applied and get ready to actually enjoy being multi-passionate. Okay. So as we come to a close. I've got to do my closing season kind of announcements here. So stay with me. This will only take a minute. First of all again, I want to thank you so much for being here for listening, for being a part of the multi-passionate mastery squad. I want to remind you that. Every single time you share or talk about this podcast with a friend, it helps us to grow and it means the absolute world. And on that note, I would love it. If you could help us celebrate by leaving a review. Let's get some brand new refreshed reviews in there. Talk to me about what your favorite episode was or just why you like the podcast. I'll leave instructions for how to leave your review in the show notes. If you don't have time to do a written review, I'll take five stars on Spotify. That is totally fine. Also, please, please share this podcast with a friend. If you have someone in your life who is multi-passionate or who maybe doesn't even know they're multi-passionate, but that just that super creative person. That person who's always doing something different every time you talk to them, send them the podcast, share this with them. And let them know that it is a great resource for them. And lastly, of course, you know, I'm going to have some bonus episodes coming out for you Between now and season four, we will be taking a bit of a break. It's probably going to be a little bit closer to two months this time. But in order to know when we're coming back and to access any bonus episodes, please sign up on our email list and I will reach out to you every time a new episode drops, including bonus episodes and the return of season four. All right, that's it for season three, we did it. I'm so excited about where we get to go together as we continue. This beautiful adventure that we're on. All right, I'll see you in a bonus episode soon. And then when we get back for season four,