Multi-Passionate Mastery

Ep 39: Using Your Love Language to Connect More Deeply with Your Passions

May 24, 2023 D'Ana Joi Season 3 Episode 39
Multi-Passionate Mastery
Ep 39: Using Your Love Language to Connect More Deeply with Your Passions
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Love Languages were introduced by Gary Chapman in his popular book about how love is expressed in romantic relationships in a variety of ways. Do you know yours?

Today I’m putting a spin on this concept and applying each of the Love Languages to how you relate to your many interests as a multi-passionate person.

This is going to be especially supportive once you begin to create priorities among your many ideas and don't want to feel like you're leaving your other passions behind.

Using your Love Language to connect with your passions (even if they're not front and center in your life right now) is an easy and creative way to honor who you are as a multi-passionate.

This is a fun one!



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Do you know what your love language is? If you haven't heard of Love Languages, it's something that was introduced by Gary Chapman in his popular book about how love can be expressed in romantic relationships in a variety of ways. The premise is that each of us gives and receives love in a specific way. For example, my love language is words of affirmation. While my partner's love language is quality time. So for him when I sit down and I watch the Laker game with him, and I'm really into it, and I'm spending that quality time with him, he feels very loved for me When he grabs my face and looks at me and says,"you're so beautiful, babe, or You're doing a great job at being a mom," or any of those affirming words, I feel so loved. But today we are not going to be talking about relationships. I'm not gonna get all in your business We're gonna talk about how you can apply the five love languages to your passions. And here's why I wanna give this to you today. When you start to create priorities among your many interests, the things that you wanna do, when you start to say,"I'm willing to focus in this area so that I can gain some momentum on it before I move on to the next thing." You might feel like you're leaving parts of yourself behind and you're wondering if you're ever gonna get back to those passions, and that can make you really nervous and even hesitant to create those priorities. And as you know from episode 33, priorities are your superpower as multi-passionate. So I wanna give you every tool possible for you to be able to create those priorities without feeling like you're never gonna get back to the other things that you love. So, we're gonna talk about in today's episode how you can apply your love language to your passions. Let's get into it. Okay. Here's how you can use the five love languages to connect with your passions. If your love language is words of affirmation, then try saying intentional words of affirmation about your passions out loud and often. For example, you might say,"I love singing. I'm so grateful that I'm blessed with this gift. Singing brings me so much joy and happiness every day. I love singing." And you're gonna say that out loud. You're gonna use your words of affirmation to pour some loving energy into your passion. Now, maybe you do love singing, but you're not pursuing a career in singing right now. That's okay. You can still give that passion of yours some love, and that's gonna specifically resonate with you if your love language is words of affirmation. So give that a try. If your love language is quality time, then spend some quality time with your passions before you brush this off with, but I'm just so busy I don't have time. Start with just five minutes. Five minutes to spend some quality time with one of your passions, but make that five minutes non-negotiable. Maybe you really love drawing and creating comic book art, for example, but you feel like it has to be a whole production. You've gotta set everything up and you need this specific kind of paper and this specific ink pin and a whole concept for a storyboard. for this quality time, throw that out the window. Think about someone in your life who wants to spend quality time with you. They don't care if you have a huge event planned. They don't care about all the details. They just wanna see you. They just wanna be in your presence. They just wanna be in your energy. So that's what I want you to think about for this one. If your love language is quality time, don't stress about having everything be perfect and having your environment set up and all of this. Just set a timer or do what I do, flip the hourglass over. I have an hourglass on my desk, just like a side hack. Having an hourglass available is so helpful. Okay. Like maybe we'll talk about time saving tips in another episode, but having an hourglass around is really helpful when you just wanna have five minutes of whatever. So set a timer, flip the hourglass, and spend some time with that passion. Spend some quality time with it. And all that means is that's all you're focused on for that time. Start with five minutes, then maybe you can move to 10 minutes and don't feel like you have to do this every single day. You might not have the time every single day, but try maybe twice a week. Start there and then build your passions will thank you, and you will feel so good that you're honoring your other interests, even if they're not your primary focus at the time. If your love language is physical touch, then what you're gonna wanna do is create a tactile experience related to your passions and focus on the physical sensations happening in your body as you engage with it. So for this one, instruments really come to mind. So, for example, you could close your eyes while you're playing the guitar and feel the weight of it in your hands, and the slip of the string beneath your fingers. Maybe you love to do calligraphy. Well really focus on what it feels like to have that brush pen in your hand as you are, you know, putting those strokes down in those letters. Maybe you love plants, you have a lot of house plants and you love plant care. Get your hands in the dirt. Pick off the dead leaves with your hands instead of using scissors. Get to know the feeling of it and really focus on that. If your love language is physical touch, if you like to be snuggled and held, then give your passions that love in exchange and see what that awakens in you. This is a really interesting one. Feel free to send me a voice note. By the way, if you try any of these, the link to do that is down in the show notes. Okay, now we've got two more left. If your love language is acts of service, you can integrate that by enrolling one of your passions in supporting you and doing an active service for someone else. So, for example, if you're passionate about photography, take a portrait of someone for their birthday, or you could turn your photography into greeting cars and send them out as just thinking of you notes, this one just feels so juicy and so nourishing, doesn't it? use your passions to do an active service. I actually am gonna challenge you, even if this isn't your love language. This is a good one to do. So let's go back to our primary scenario. You've chosen something to prioritize. You're dedicated to that for a specific season of focus, but you don't want to let all your other passions just gather dust. You still wanna engage with them in some way. How cool would it be to say, okay, I really miss photography, I haven't done that in a while. Maybe you like to do flat lay photos or lifestyle photos or whatever. So you think to yourself, this weekend I'm going to use this passion to do an active service. I'm gonna set up a little vignette, I'm gonna take a photo of it and I'm gonna put some text over it and then I'm gonna send it out as a, as a text message to people to let them know I'm thinking of them or something like that. How nourishing does that feel? And it's not that you're stopping what you're doing in your season of focus and jumping ship. To pursue a stock photo career, right? You're just saying, I'm going to spend some time doing an active service and I'm going to utilize my passion for fill in the blank right here in order to do that. This is a really good one, and I think no matter what your love language is, this one's gonna feel really juicy, so please try that one. Okay, last one. Receiving gifts. This one's really straightforward. If your love language is receiving gifts, then give yourself a gift that's directly connected to one of your passions. Maybe you upgrade your instrument. Ah, I've been really wanting an electric piano with like weighted keys. I really wanna learn how to play the piano. When my son turns two years old, I'm gonna put him in piano lessons and then I'm gonna take them with him. I want us to learn together, but right now there's really no space in our apartment for it, and I really don't even have that much extra time to play. But I really, really want that and I'm so excited for the day when I can have a beautiful electric piano with weighted keys. You know, that doesn't take up too much space that can fit in our apartment. Ugh. That would be the best gift I could give myself because one of my passions is music. So think about what is that thing for. What is one of your passions that you could give yourself a gift that would really nourish you, that would wake that passion up and say, Hey, I'm thinking of you. I love you. Maybe you're not my primary focus right now, but. I'm still here for you. I'm still nurturing you. Maybe you love to make candles, buy some new wax, buy a few essential oils so that when it's time to spend that quality time, you have what you need available instead of just thinking, oh, it's been so long since I made candles. Oh, it's been so long. This is gonna be especially helpful if your love language is receiving gifts. So we went through all five of them. Let me just do a quick recap. Words of affirmation. If your love language is words of affirmation, you're gonna say intentional words out loud about your passions, and you're gonna do that often. Quality time. If your love language is quality time, start with just five minutes a day or five minutes a couple times a week to spend some quality time with your passion of choice, but make that time non-negotiable. Physical touch. If your love language is physical touch, create a tactile experience related to one of your passions and focus on the physical sensations that are happening in your body as you engage with it. acts of service. I think we can all benefit from doing this one. Enroll one of your passions into creating an act of service for someone else. You can get so creative with this one, so have fun and send me a voice note and let me know how it goes. And then receiving gifts. Treat yourself, spoil yourself a little bit and give yourself a gift that is directly connected to one of your passions. So I hope you can see that by integrating your love language with the way you connect with your passions, you'll have a refreshing perspective on what it means to be a multi-passionate person. And doesn't all this just sound so fun? Now, if you don't know what your love language is, I'll go ahead and link to the, the assessment in the show notes. I'll, I'll figure out where it lives on the internet and link to that, and you can look it up. or you can just listen back and feel into which one of these resonates with you the most. pick one to start with, or you can just try them all. Like it doesn't hurt, it's not gonna hurt or harm anything for you to try them all and kind of cycle through them and see which one of these feels best for you. And that's it for today. I'll see you in the next episode. Oh, wait, before I go, will you please do me a favor? If you have been loving the show, if you've been loving hearing these perspectives about being multi-passionate, maybe this specific episode resonated with you or one of the previous ones that you listened to, will you do me a favor and text it to a friend? Find your favorite episode, find the share button on whatever app you're using, and just text it to whoever it makes you think about and say,"Hey, I've been really into this podcast lately. Would you check it out?" or like,"Hey, this episode made me think of you." Or,"Hey, this is really interesting. If you have a chance to listen to it, let me know what you think." Would you please, please, please do. That word of mouth is so important. I really want this podcast to reach more multi-passionate so that together we can change the world. Stop feeling like the underdogs in society and start showing up and taking up more and more space. And I need your help. So please send this to a friend, whoever this makes you think of. Okay? Thank you so much. Love you guys. You're amazing. Have fun with this one. I'll see you in the next episode. Bye.