Multi-Passionate Mastery

Ep 35: How to Stop Letting Fear of Commitment Hold You Back as a Multi-Passionate

March 29, 2023 D'Ana Joi Season 2 Episode 35
Multi-Passionate Mastery
Ep 35: How to Stop Letting Fear of Commitment Hold You Back as a Multi-Passionate
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Today, I'm giving you a special sneak peek of an audio lesson that lives inside of my coaching program, Prioritize and Thrive. I recorded this lesson to support my clients in moving through their fear of commitment.

In case you didn't already know, Prioritize and Thrive is my flagship coaching experience for multi-passionates who are ready to finally break free from the pressure of wanting to do all the things at once. 

If you're interested in learning more about joining Prioritize and Thrive (I would love to see you inside!), you can get all of that info down in our show notes.

But for now, press play and enjoy a sneak peek of a short and sweet audio lesson all about commitment phobia and how to overcome it with a simple reframe.


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Welcome to the Multi-passionate Mastery Podcast.The podcast where creatives come to embrace their talents as a gift,not a burden.I am your host,D'Ana Joi.Together we'll explore how to finally make friends with focus,ditching overwhelm,and idea fatigue once and for all,and how to be unapologetic about who you are as a multi-passionate.But I'm not just going to pump you up with a bunch of empowerment content.I'm going to give you tools and practices that you can implement starting today.It's time to unlock your multi-passionate mastery.Let's begin.Hello,my love and welcome back to the show.Today,I'm giving you a special sneak peek of an audio lesson that lives inside of my coaching program,prioritize and Thrive!Prioritize and Thrive is my flagship coaching experience for multi-passionates who are ready to finally break free from the pressure of wanting to do all the things at once.This program is the home of my Priority Mapping Method course that teaches you a simple repeatable process for knowing which project to start with,and what can come next after that,and what could come next after that.It helps you take the guesswork and the mind drama out of sorting through your ideas.When you have this skill,when you're able to prioritize,when you know exactly what to start with and how to follow through and gain momentum on that,and actually get your work out into the truly is a transformative experience for you as a multi-passionate because you're able to tap into your talents and your gifts,and actually use them and share them instead of being in a perpetual state of confusion or overwhelm or problem solving.If you're interested in learning more about joining prioritize and thrive,You can get all of that info down in our show notes.And you can get a sneak peek of the priority mapping method that I teach inside of the program.When you check out my free training,which is also linked down in the show notes,or you can register for that at multi-passionate for today,I'm going to give you a sneak peek of a short and sweet audio lesson that lives inside of the course.It talks all about commitment phobia and fear of commitment and how to overcome that with a simple reframe.I'm going to press play and I hope you enjoy.So you've just finished the Priority Stacking101lesson.You're learning how to look at your projects,your ideas,and your desires in a slightly more methodical way.You're beginning to consider what can come first,what can come next,and what can come after that as you take into account the skills that you'll gain,the knowledge that you have,and your energetic bandwidth,as well as the interconnectedness of your ideas,of your projects,and of your desires.Before we move on because we're not done yet.We are going to go a little deeper with that,but before we move on,it's important that we address fear of commitment or commitment phobia.So in this short and sweet audio lesson,that's what we're going to talk about.Fear of commitment is super common among multi-passionates.Often,that's because we are equating commitment with sacrifice,so it's a normal fear to have.So as we begin to dive into this lesson,please take a deep breath and know that there is absolutely no judgment here and we're just going to talk,we're going to talk it out.So I've looked up the dictionary definition of commitment,and there are two definitions that I'm going to read to you.The first definition says,"the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause activity,etc."And then the synonyms are dedication,devotion,allegiance,loyalty,faithfulness,and those kinds of words.But I want you to listen to the second definition.The second definition of commitment is,"an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action."The similar words that are listed under that second definition are responsibility,obligation,duty,charge,liability,and burden.So when you listen to those two definitions,they really couldn't be more different.Think about the concept of devotion and being devoted to something.Pouring your all into something and just being so excited about what the outcome can be versus something feeling like a responsibility and an obligation.What a different set of energetic frequencies we're talking about there.So,if you feel any commitment phobia or fear of commitment come up for you,I want for you to stop and pause and consider which definition of the word commitment are you working with.Which definition of the word commitment has your brain attached to?Does it think of commitment as devotion?As faithfulness?As loyalty?Or does it think of commitment as responsibility,obligation,liability?As you ask that question,what you're doing is you're giving yourself a choice.Now,for some of you,the word commitment might not serve you at all regardless of the definition.Personally,when I hear the word commitment,I also think of the legal system and the concept of committing a crime,for example.So,if that is the connotation that you have with that word,give yourself the opportunity to choose another word.What would it look like to swap out the word commitment for one of our favorite words here inside of Prioritize and Thrive:willingness.What if you wrote willing to see where this priority stacking system could take you?What if you were willing to begin to assign a specific ranking to the order that you're going to do things in and willing to see if that is in fact easier and more energizing for you?What would it look like to be willing to see that through?Willing,being willing to do that,that might feel like a more gracious word than being committed to doing that.So choose what works for you.But instead of saying,"Hey,I just,I've got some commitment phobia coming up."Maybe you listened to the last lesson,but you didn't fill out the workbook for example.Let's just use that as an example.You listened to the Priority Stacking101lesson,or you watched the video.You heard me giving examples,and you're very clear that the next step to really get the benefits of that particular lesson is to go through the workbook and work through the steps on your own.Maybe something in your mind told you,"Eh,I don't have to do that second part.I'll just,I'll just think about this.I'll think about this concept."and then another week passes and another week passes,and you haven't taken the time to sit down and look at your ideas,your potential projects,and your desires in the way that it's been laid out in this program.Weeks are going by,and you haven't quite done that process yet.So instead of being frustrated or feeling like you're behind,we want to approach that from a place of curiosity."Hm.So interesting.I wonder what it is that's causing me to just have to do these lessons.To listen to it and to think about it but to not actually go through the workbook or not bring up my question on a coaching call,"or something like that.Fear of commitment could be one of those things because the ultimate outcome of this program is for you to begin to make some choices about what you can prioritize.And again,we're going to get more into that,but if we don't address commitment now,it's kind of like there's an elephant in the room.And so that's why I think it's important to talk about it now.So,that's all.That's all I want you to consider.I want you to consider when this fear of commitment may be coming up for you.And if you're not sure when it comes up,approach this with curiosity.When you begin to have resistance to anything that you're experiencing in this program.If the idea of ranking your projects and your ideas with numbers,as I talk about in the previous lesson,Priority Stacking101.If that just really turns you off,if you can't imagine doing that,I want for you to consider if there's any fear of commitment coming up for you.And then again,I think about the two definitions of commitment that I read.I'll read them again for you as we close here.So the first definition is,"the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause activity,etc.Dedication,devotion,loyalty,and faithfulness."The second definition is so different."An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.Responsibility obligation.Liability.Burden."Those multiple definitions are available,and you have a choice between the two of how you are going to interact with the sensation and the concept of commitment.I love the idea of commitment being a form of devotion.I have chosen this project as number one in my Priority Stack,and as I make that choice,I'm entering a space of devotion.That feels really juicy to me.But what's your expression of that?Maybe for you,it's,"I'm willing to see where this goes."Maybe it's something like,"I'm going to try playing the long game because I want to see how this evolves over time."Whatever works for you is perfect.If you have something specific that you want to share that you got from this,please go ahead and type it below this lesson.I would love to fill up the comments below this lesson with more than one way to express the sensation of commitment.So take some time to think about this.And then you can share with us what resonates most for you.And of coursem you're always more than welcome to continue this conversation inside of our Mighty Networks community.All right.That's all I've got for you today.I'll see you in the next lesson.How good was that?Isn't it so helpful to realize that you have a choice when it comes to how you think about the concept of committing to something?My clients have found so much value in that audio lesson.And that's why I wanted to share it with you.Again,if you want to break free from this pressure of doing all the things at once,you want to finally have clarity.About what to start with first and then what to do next.You want a system for sorting through all of your amazing ideas as a multi-passionate without the mind drama and overwhelm,then prioritize and thrive is the place for you.You'll learn a simple repeatable process for doing exactly that.And when it gets challenging,because sometimes it does.You'll have access to bi-weekly coaching calls and247instant access to our vibrant community of multi-passionate waiting to cheer you on.You can get more information about prioritize and thrive down in the show notes.And if you want a sneak peek of the method that I teach inside of this program,check out my free training.It's called how to bring your ideas to life on a completely stress-free timeline using the priority mapping method.You can also register for that down in the show notes or go to multi-passionate to register.All right,that's it for today.I'll see you in the next episode.