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[BONUS] Advocating for Yourself as a Multi-Passionate Woman with Krystal Woods

December 14, 2022 Season 2
Multi-Passionate Mastery
[BONUS] Advocating for Yourself as a Multi-Passionate Woman with Krystal Woods
Show Notes

Something you might not know about me is that I'm a very assertive person. 

You know that person at dinner who will send back a meal if it's not to their liking? Yeah, that's me.

I've learned that being able to advocate for myself, especially as a Black woman, is something that is not optional. 

I've also learned that being an outspoken person has its challenges and that going through life with the ability to speak up for yourself isn't something that comes naturally to everyone.

If you're curious about what it means to advocate for yourself as a multi-passionate in various areas of your life, you'll enjoy this conversation.

This interview originally aired on the Under the Surface podcast with host, Krystal Woods.

I interviewed Krystal back on episode 19 about Human Design (linked in the show notes below), but this interview on her show is a bit different and our conversation was SO juicy that I wanted to share it with you here.

After chatting a bit about why I do the work that I do as a life coach for multi-passionates, we dove into the benefits and challenges of being someone who is naturally assertive and passionate about self-advocacy.

I can't wait to see what this conversation sparks in you!


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