Multi-Passionate Mastery

Ep 20 Follow-Up ⏪ Filter Your Commitments Through These 3 Criteria

September 23, 2022 D'Ana Joi Season 2
Multi-Passionate Mastery
Ep 20 Follow-Up ⏪ Filter Your Commitments Through These 3 Criteria
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This is a quick follow-up to pair with episode 20 where we talked about how to tell the difference between priorities and commitments, and why that matters. 

I sent that episode to a client who's inside of my program, Prioritize and Thrive, and after listening, she dropped MAJOR GEMS about a new way to think about how your commitments relate to your priorities.

Thank you, Andrea, for letting me share this on the podcast today!


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This is a quick follow-up to pair with episode 20 where we talked about how to tell the difference between priorities and commitments and why that matters. I sent that episode to a client of mine who's inside of my program, prioritize and thrive, because it related to a conversation that we were having about this very thing, about the fact that when you choose priorities, it doesn't mean that there aren't other commitments that show up in your life. Especially, if you have kids, if you're running a household, if you have a family to attend to. There are going to be commitments that pop up that are not always going to be in direct alignment with the priorities that you've chosen for yourself. So, what do we do in that case? Well, the first thing is to do what we talk about in episode 20, which is simply understanding there's a difference between priorities and commitments. So listen back to that episode, if you haven't heard it yet. In that episode for the commitment I give the example of being committed to going to visit with my mom. And when my client, Andrea heard that she left me a really insightful voice note and it sparks something in me. And she allowed me to share this was done with you today. What Andrea realized was that in me giving that example, me saying,"well, what am I commitments is going to visit my mom." That particular commitment is not in direct opposition to my priority. Which the example I gave was my podcast being a priority. So it's not in direct opposition. It doesn't directly support it. It's more of just a neutral thing. And so, as she realized that she was thinking about different priorities that she has in her household, Uh, you know, dedicated to her family. And also things like taking classes at the gym. So what she came to was sorting her commitments into three areas. Does the commitment directly support the priorities that she has set? Is the commitment neutral in relationship to the priorities that she set? Or is the commitment in direct conflict to a priority that she set? And I thought that was so brilliant. We had a coaching call later that day. And I was like, please tell everyone in the program where you came up with and we were able to talk about this altogether. I want to share this with you today because this will add even more context to what we talked about in episode 20. Once you understand the difference between your priorities and your commitments then you can filter your commitments through these three criteria. You want to make sure that you have an abundance of commitments that are in support of your priorities? Because that's how you're going to make sure that you're actually taking action on the priorities that you've set. On the other hand, if you have a lot of commitments that are distracting or conflicting, With your priorities, you want to begin to remove some of those from your calendar and from your commitments list, have those hard conversations to do what you need to do so that you're not piling on commitments that are in direct conflict. And if you have commitments that are neutral, that's okay. As long as you still have some that are supportive as well. Another thing that Andrea and I were talking about that she shared inside of the program on our group coaching call was that things like drinking, lots of water, getting good, sleep, eating real food... Yes, those are commitments that you have. And anything that's related to your health, your wellness, your mental wellbeing, your physical wellbeing. Those all fall under the support category. What I don't want for you to do is to start looking at your life and sorting everything into priorities and commitments and then becoming super rigid about it. And doing things like saying, well, is it a priority for me to eat healthy? Because if I just order fast food, I could get my podcast done. Uh, Taking care of yourself. Those are always going to be priorities that come first and foremost, right? That's the base level foundation of everything else. So when you have commitments related to personal, Mental health, go ahead and just put those in the support column. Cause they're going to support everything else that you do. When we're talking about commitments to that conflict, this can sometimes look like saying yes to lots and lots of collaborative opportunities. I used to do this all the time. Anyone who wanted to collaborate with me, I would say, yeah, let's do it. And then I would look on my calendar and see that all of my time was going to our collaborations. And I had very little time to be with myself and create on my own. And so I started to pair that back because it was not serving my priorities. It was in direct conflict. So those are the things that you want to start to look for. Now, If you want to have conversations like this on an ongoing basis twice a month in our group coaching calls come and join us inside of Prioritize and Thrive where we talk about this stuff all the time. And if you're wondering, why are we talking about priorities on a podcast for multi-passionates? If that's going through your head. Then I want you to go back and listen to episode 13, where I introduce you to what we'll be talking about this season. And that is prioritization as a multi-passionate. Alright, that's it for this followup. I hope you enjoyed this and that it gave you even more context. Andrea, I know you're going to hear this. I want to thank you so much for sharing your brilliance and allowing me to share this on the podcast today. 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