Multi-Passionate Mastery

Ep 19: How learning your Human Design creates massive clarity with Krystal Woods

August 24, 2022 Season 2 Episode 19
Multi-Passionate Mastery
Ep 19: How learning your Human Design creates massive clarity with Krystal Woods
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Show Notes

Do you know your Human Design? Have you experienced the LIFE-CHANGING clarity that embracing your design has to offer to you as a multi-passionate?

Whether you're a total newbie or a Human Design enthusiast, you'll love this conversation with the featured Human Design practitioner inside of my group coaching program, Krystal Woods.

Together we explore:

  • An overview of what Human Design is.

  • How Krystal found Human Design and how her life changed as a result.

  • The signatures and qualities of each of the 5 Human Design types.

  • How embracing your Human Design leads to massive clarity.

  • How you can learn from Krystal inside of my signature group coaching program, Prioritize and Thrive.

About our guest:

Krystal Woods is a mother of 2, Human Design specialist, speaker, and coach for creative entrepreneurs. She is the creator of the Embodied by Design™ practitioner certification which certifies coaches and healers on how to use Human Design in their work with clients. She is also host of the Under the Surface podcast AND the featured Human Design mentor inside of my signature group coaching program Prioritize and Thrive!


From Krystal:

  • You can look up your HD chart for free HERE.

  • Connect with Krystal on Instagram- @krystalewoods

Grab Krystal's free Essential Guide to Human Design HERE.


From Joi:

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